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The Time is Lao: New Lao Emoji App Finally Lets You Send Noods to Your Friends

On your iPhone, you have a choice from over 3,000 emojis. So why can’t you ever find the right one?

Seriously, have you ever used this thing 🎛 in your entire life? When you have something really specific to say, that’s not going to cut it. Of all people, we know how important it is to express yourself, and decided to fill the void that every other set of emojis left behind.

That’s why we at KITS Creativ and Laos Supply partnered up to create the Lao Emoji app. Where other emojis have their time and place, these emoji stickers give you something else: text messaging with a touch of culture, putting nostalgic, relatable images right at your fingertips. Nearly 10,000 downloads in the first week allows for a fairly bold claim: this was an app that people wanted. 

“Lao Emoji is a simple and straightforward app. What’s unique is the team and art. This is just a taste of what’s to come. We’re currently developing another app for small businesses and entrepreneurs in partnership with the Laotian American National Alliance. Our goals are to be seen, heard, and acknowledged as influencers across diverse spaces,” says Tony Innouvong, co-owner of Kits Creativ. 

You could call this just another sticker app. But you would be wrong. While you’re sending padaek, green papaya, and khao jee, there’s something significant to think about. All that you could find to send before to get your point across? This: 🇱🇦. And this 🎛, we guess.

We wanted your experience to be different. Your Lao sinh might be something you can just text about, but a picture brings it to life. Let’s get really deep about a simple emoji: it’s a shared experience, a cultural connection, and a sense of pride all wrapped into one. It’s important. It’s who you are – it’s your roots. And, you know, it’s also really fun, too.

“We created the app to bring the Lao community a more culturally relevant and entertaining way to communicate. The Lao community, whether it be natives in Laos or diasporas around the world, is largely underrepresented in media, technology, and popular culture. So we, KITS Creativ and Laos Supply, amongst the many innovative young Lao people, are continuously looking for ways to close that gap,” concludes Innouvong.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but the Lao Emoji is available on the app store for free and on Google Play. With over 75 emoji stickers available, that’s quite the steal, isn’t it? Yeah, that’s your cue. Head over, download, and leave us a review. It’s good karma.

Stay tuned for our next venture. We’re continually striving to bring people together through new, innovative ideas. Passion, creativity, and a commitment to representing groups who face a more difficult time having their voice heard? This is Lao we do it.

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LilyAnne Rice

LilyAnne Rice

A firm believer of the well known saying a burrito in the hand is worth two in the bush, LilyAnne Rice is an expert at writing bios about herself. When she's not keeping up with the world of ever-evolving keyword research, writing a blog, or discovering trending hashtags, she's probably eating that aforementioned burrito. Either that, or on the hunt for the newest coffee shop where she can post up with her laptop and fall deep into the rabbit hole about either marketing, or how to make a living from eating.

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